Moving into Being - Being Moved

My interest is an enquiry into self awareness and the authentic self  through a formless form of movement. I explore relationship with Self, Ground, Space, Others and Heart - using the movements of our being to experience each, with the interest to simply find “what is true, as true for you right now”.
No experience is needed to participate in this work, just a willingness to look, accept and drop into truth. . whatever light/shade/darkness it may be. My passion for body awareness/body prayer has lead me in 24 years of exploration of being through movement, through the study within Sufism and the Dances of Universal Peace and in the last 5 years I have worked in an un-named movement practice with teachers such as Adam Bradpiece and Suprapto Suryodarmo - this work is my current interest which I am deepening through ongoing personal practice.

This is offered as group work and individual one on one attention, contact me if you are interested in either. Email: or 44 (0) 01803 762368

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